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Ponca Trail of Tears on stretched canvas!

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Image of Ponca Trail of Tears on stretched canvas!
  • Image of Ponca Trail of Tears on stretched canvas!
  • Image of Ponca Trail of Tears on stretched canvas!

Sad time in history for our ancestors. Having never been at war with the U.S. and trying to live peacefully, but still driven out from European influence for that part of the country all the settlers wanted. It proved to be very costly to the Ponca Nation having lost 1 in 4 tribal members from the trail and the first year living in the hot country of Oklahoma.
On the 16th of May, 1877, all the Poncas were on their way. Contrary to the express wish of the agent, but in accordance with previous orders, which the commanding officer thought he could not disobey, the twenty-five soldiers who had remained at the agency, after the departure of the first party, accompanied the second as far as Columbus, Nebraska. The journey was continued under great difficulties and hardships, occasioned by unprecedented storms and floods. The Poncas were even hit by a tornado!
Even with bayonets to their backs, the soldiers were falling off their horses drowning in the swollen rivers where the Ponca warriors would save them from drowning. Even through all the pain and anguish the Poncas still showed compassion for their captures.

20"w X 16"h X 1.5"d stretched canvas on wood frame. All acid free inks!
Ready to hang!

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